Frequently asked question:

1. Can I buy the product without customising it?

    Yes, you can buy the product without customising it.

2. I have added quantity, but when I click "View Cart", it only has 10 XS instead of quantity I have selected.

    When you have add the quantity by clicking "+" button, it does not know what size you are requesting for, thus it will leave it as it is.

    To have size selected, you may simply change the quantity for each size in product page, it will automatically added to "Quantity".

3. I need 10 units of cloths with different color, can I do that?

    Unfortunately, we do not have this function installed. If you only need 10 pieces of clothes with different color, you may need to contact us.

4. Do I need to log in to get quotation send to me?

    Yes, you must register an account and log in to get quote.

5. I have designed a clothes in certain quantity and color, can I add other color for that quantity?

    Yes, you will need to post it in note for us to take note of it.

(Admin, maybe can add this extension in the future https://www.cartbinder.com/store/dual-cart-opencart-quotation)

6. Why is estimated pricing so different from the price quote to me?

    We have tried to minimised the margin of error estimated in this site, however it is generated based on the setting available for us, which is not

  so advance to calculate every possibility/ dimension we have offline. Besides that, the price shown in this website is estimated for 20-50 pieces of

  clothes only, so actual pricing may go higher or lower than the price shown in this website.