Need something for logo, but does not know what printing type to use?

Need something for logo, but does not know what printing type to use?

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In this article, we will talk about which printing method is/are the best for logo, and then compare the price and the quality of the products.


Embroidery is one of the best and known printing method use for polo tee, jacket, hat and any corporate wear. With embroidery, your logo can be reproduced via different color threads, and stitched directly onto your garments using computerized embroidery machine – means logo is sew on the garment by machine.


Screen Printing

Screen print is another known printing method use for logo product in large quantity and/or large logo polo shirt, t-shirt, and hoodies. By using screen printing method, instead of sewing the logo on the garment, it is passing through the ink into garment. Means, it has softer handle or feel than embroidery, more comfortable to wear with back full of logos.


Which printing method is cheaper?

If you only required to print let’s say 30 units of cloth, embroidery is the best option for you. Eg. Rm7 for logo with 4 color to be printed, you only required to pay RM210.

If you are placing large amount of cloth with logo printed, let’s say 1000 units, you will require to pay Rm30,000 for those logos to be printed as embroidery.

For this case, screen print will be best option for you. Assume 1 piece of screen is costing Rm500, 4 color needed, so it will be Rm2,000 in total. If you have placed 1000 units of cloths with same logo, it is only costing Rm2 per piece to be printed.

We have compared both printing type


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